Friday, January 23, 2009

ShowSpace Kicking Off February with THUNK

Think Tank Problems to Think Tank Solutions.

A group exhibition of several new and well known Space artists to show in the RENOVATED ShowSpace Gallery.

Curated by Christopher Harris.

Welcome to ShowSpace in Long Island City

We are pleased to present the blog accompanying the reopening of The Space's Gallery, ShowSpace.  ShowSpace shows artists-in-residence at The Space, pieces from our 1,000+ permanent collection, and many other works from mid-career and emerging artists.

The Space is Long Island City’s premier organization dedicated to the use of underutilized properties in the name of art.

The Space is headquartered in the central Queens Plaza district of the artistic epicenter Long Island City, Queens. The Space strives to not only preserve Long Island City’s heritage as an artistic stronghold, but also to foster its continuous development through a variety of programs. The space recognizes the impact of the arts as cultural capital and diffuses this ‘product’ to greater New York City, forming the foundation for a sustainable artistic community.

Providing logistic support for artists and community projects is the main goal of The Space. This includes renovating underutilized spaces for use as artists' studios and show venues; developing affordable housing for artists; and coordinating cultural events, educational workshops, and beautification projects to benefit the Long Island City community.

The Space thanks the Modell Family, the Arthur Levine Foundation, and the Mathis-Pfohl Foundation for their generous support.

To learn more, please visit