Friday, October 1, 2010

Dessert First

Please join us at Fardom (2517 41st ave, corner of 27th st and 41st ave), from 7-9, tonight for the Preview of "Dessert First".

"Dessert First" is a 2-month show. The aim is to bring forth the process, highlight the studio aspect, and enjoy sloppy before structure. The gallery is vaguely polished in the front room, studio style in the back, and over the next 4 weeks will morph from studio to show.* These two months I will share with everyone along the way my process in making art, how to present an artist and what it takes to make a full show. The preview of "Dessert First" will be tonight! 7-9 (sorry for the late notice Facebook world!) The Opening Reception will be the first friday of next month.

Everyone is welcome this evening to the Preview. Rather than all the formalities of an opening reception, and the hustle for food and wine today, The path is clear for friends to come over and just chat, relax, and check it out. Bring what you want, who you want, and I look forward to seeing you guys at what will prove to be, seriously, the most casual First Friday seen yet.
Rock the Free World,