Monday, October 26, 2009


RADAR EYES opens Friday, November 6th from 7-10 pm
at Fardom Gallery (The Space L.I.C.)

Fardom Gallery is open Mon and Fri 12-9, Thu and Sat 12-6. Show runs Fri Nov 6 thru Wed Dec 2.

Over 200 Prints by more than 50 International artists.

More work & Installation by Sakura Maku in a nearby secret location.

Fardom Gallery
25-17 41st Ave
Long Island City 11101

F 21st Street/ Queensbridge
7NW Queensboro Plaza
GVRE Queens Plaza

RADAR EYES is an exhibition of hallucinogenic prints curated by Canadian printmaking duo Seripop, Chicago gallerist Reuben Kinkaid, and Kristin Reger of The Space L.I.C. will open Friday, November 6th, 7pm at Fardom Gallery, 25-17 41st Avenue, Long Island City, 11101. A nearby secret location will house an installation by Sakura Maku (NYC, Yale MFA) and many, many more prints at surprisingly accessible prices on opening night only. Gallery goers will be lead to the second show and enjoy an exciting dual-opening of hundreds of works evoking altered states, perpetual distortions, and outright hallucinations.

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